Nitrosamines and Related N-Nitroso Compounds. Chemistry and by Richard N. Loeppky, Christopher J. Michejda PDF

By Richard N. Loeppky, Christopher J. Michejda

ISBN-10: 0841214271

ISBN-13: 9780841214279

ISBN-10: 0841228566

ISBN-13: 9780841228566

content material: Nitrosamine and N-nitroso compound chemistry and biochemistry : advances and views / Richard N. Loeppky --
Nitrosamines in sunscreens and beauty items : incidence, formation, and traits / Donald C. Havery and Hardy J. Chou --
N-nitrosodimethylamine in nonfat dry milk / R.A. Scanlan, J.F. Barbour, F.W. Bodyfelt, and L.M. Libbey --
Prevention of nitrosamine publicity within the rubber / B. Spiegelhalder and C.-D. Wacker --
blockading nitrosamine formation : figuring out the chemistry of fast nitrosation / Richard N. Loeppky, Yen T. Bao, Jaeyoung Bae, Li Yu, and Graziella Shevlin --
Quantitative facets of nitrosamine denitrosation / D.L.H. Williams --
Peptide nitrosations / Brian C. Challis, Neil Carman, Maria H.R. Fernandes, Benjamin R. Glover, Farida Latif, Pravin Patel, Jaswinder S. Sandhu, and Shabaz Shuja --
Nitrosatable secondary amines : exogenous and endogenous publicity and nitrosation in vivo / A.R. Tricker, B. Pfundstein, and R. Preussmann --
more desirable equipment for research of N-nitroso compounds and functions in human biomonitoring / B. Pignatelli, C. Malaveille, P. Thuillier, A. Hautefeuille, and H. Bartsch --
DNA harm and cytotoxicity attributable to nitric oxide / Steven R. Tannenbaum, Snait Tamir, Teresa de Rojas-Walker, and John S. Wishnok --
Chemistry of the "NONOates" : strange N-nitroso compounds shaped via reacting nitric oxide with nucleophiles / Larry ok. Keefer, Danae Christodoulou, Tambra M. Dunams, Joseph A. Hrabie, Chris M. Maragos, Joseph E. Saavedra, and David A. Wink --
Nitric oxide construction and catalysis of N-nitroso compound formation via woodchucks (Marmota monax) and woodchuck hepatocytes in tradition / J.H. Hotchkiss, R.H. Liu, and T.J. Lillard --
Activation of N-nitrosodialkylamines via metalloporphyrin types of cytochrome P-450 / M. Mochizuki, E. Okochi, okay. Shimoda, and okay. Ito --
Kinetics and enzymes fascinated by the metabolism of nitrosamines / Chung S. Yang, Theresa J. Smith, Jun-Yan Hong, and Shiqi Zhou --
strength mechanism of motion of nitrosamines with hydroxy, oxo, or carboxy teams / G. Eisenbrand and C. Janzowski --
Activation of [beta]-hydroxyalkylnitrosamines : facts for involvement of a sulfotransferase / Christopher J. Michejda, Steven R. Koepke, Marilyn B. Kroeger Koepke, and Lidia Hernandez --
Hemoglobin adducts, DNA adducts, and urinary metabolites of tobacco-specific nitrosamines : as biochemical markers in their uptake and metabolic activation in people / Stephen S. Hecht, Neil Trushin, and Steven G. Carmella --
Metabolism of N'-nitrosonornicotine through rat liver, oral tissue, and esophageal microsomes / Sharon E. Murphy, Deborah A. Spina, and Rachel Heiblum --
Mechanisms of inhibition of tobacco-specific nitrosamine-induced lung tumorigenesis in A/J mice / Fung-Lung Chung, Mark M. Morse, Karin I. Eklind, and Yong Xu --
Chemical constitution of nitrosamines concerning carcinogenesis / William Lijinsky --
Formation of tobacco-specific nitrosamines : carcinogenicity and position of nutritional fats of their carcinogenicity / Dietrich Hoffmann, Abraham Rivenson, Ernst L. Wynder, and Stephen S. Hecht --
attainable mechanisms of N-nitrosodimethylamine hepatotoxicity / Michael C. Archer, Wei Chin, and Valentia M. Lee --
Genetic tumor epidemiology : determining causative carcinogenic brokers and their reworking mutations / B.I. Ludeke, H. Ohgaki, and P. Kleihues --
Electrophilic addition to "aminoNONOate" (R¹R²NN(O)NO⁻) ions / Joseph E. Saavedra, Tambra M. Dunams, Judith L. Flippen-Anderson, and Larry okay. Keefer --
Nitric oxide-nucleophile complexes as ligands : structural elements of the coordinated "NONOate" useful team in novel mixed-ligand, non-nitrosyl steel complexes / Danae Christodoulou, David A. Wink, Clifford F. George, Joseph E. Saavedra, and Larry okay. Keefer --
Radical cations in nitrosation of tert-dialkyl fragrant amines / S. Singh, R. Hastings, and Richard N. Loeppky --
Nitrosamide formation from foodstuffs / P. Mende, R. Preussmann, and B. Spiegelhalder --
Tocopherol inhibition of NO₂-mediated nitrosation : in vitro and organic superiority of [gamma]-tocopherol / R.V. Cooney, A.A. Franke, L.J. Mordan, P.J. Harwood, V. Hatch-Pigott, and L.J. Custer --
pH adjustments in smokeless tobaccos present process nitrosation / R.A. Andersen, P.D. Fleming, T.R. Hamilton-Kemp, and D.F. Hildebrand --
Oxidation of alkylnitrosamines through the Fenton reagent : use of nitrosamines to probe oxidative intermediates within the Fenton response / David A. Wink, Raymond W. Nims, Joseph E. Saavedra, Marc F. Desrosiers, and Peter C. Ford --
buildings of mutagens shaped from Fenton-type oxidation of N-nitrosodialkylamines / M. Mochizuki, N. Tsutsumi, S. Hizatate, and E. Okochi --
Metabolism of methylbutyl- and methylamylnitrosamine through rat and human esophagus and different tissues and induction of esophageal adenocarcinoma in rats / S.S. Mirvish, Q. Huang, S.C. Chen, S.S. Park, and H.V. Gelboin --
Chemistry of putative intermediates in bioactivation of [beta]-oxidized nitrosamines / Richard N. Loeppky, Eric Erb, Aloka Srinivasan, and Li Yu --
Modulation of N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine metabolism in rats by means of simultaneously administered ethanol and diallyl sulfide / B.I. Ludeke, Y. Yamada, F. Dominé, and P. Kleihues --
DNA adducts triggered by way of pancreas-specific nitrosamines / Demetrius M. Kokkinakis and Jeffrey R. Norgle --
DNA pyridyloxobutylation : 4-(acetoxymethylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone inhibits the fix of O⁶-methylguanine / Lisa A. Peterson, Xiao-Keng Liu, and Stephen S. Hecht --
Sequence-specific methylation of unmarried- and double-stranded DNA by means of methylnitrosourea / R.W. Wurdeman and B. Gold --
Detection of tobacco-related hemoglobin adducts by way of quadrupole mass spectrometry / E. Richter, B. Falter, C. Kutzer, and J. Schulze --
Nonvolatile N-nitrosamides in dried squid : research through high-performance liquid chromatography-photolysis-chemiluminescence / S.H. Kim and J.H. Hotchkiss --
N-nitrosodiphenylamine in diphenylamine-treated apples : research via high-performance liquid chromatography-UV photolysis-chemiluminescence / T.J. Lillard and J.H. Hotchkiss --
Accumulation of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in the course of curing and getting older of tobacco / H.R. Burton and L.P. Bush --
Human publicity to a tobacco-specific nitrosamino acid / A.R. Tricker, G. Scherer, F. Adlkofer, A. Pachinger, and H. Klus --
value of nitrosamines in betel quid carcinogenesis / Bogdan Prokopczyk, Jacek Krzeminski, and Dietrich Hoffmann --
Characterization of N-nitrosamino acids in tobacco items and evaluate in their carcinogenic strength / Mirjana V. Djordjevic, Jingrun Fan, Jacek Krzeminski, Klaus D. Brunnemann, and Dietrich Hoffmann --
research of tobacco-specific nitrosamines in tobacco and tobacco smoke / Klaus D. Brunnemann and Dietrich Hoffmann.

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Download e-book for kindle: Human Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures. Toxic consequences by Harold I. Zeliger (Auth.)

By Harold I. Zeliger (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0815515898

ISBN-13: 9780815515890

  • "An easy-to-read booklet that are meant to be in any toxicologist's library. With a tremendous attempt of synthesis, the writer has taken care of a wide selection of topics within the rising box of chemical mixtures." -- Arturo Ortego, M.D., college of drugs and health and wellbeing Sciences, Rovira I Virgili college, Reus, Spain

Preface, Pages xxi-xxiii
1 - Introduction, Pages 3-6
2 - overall healthiness results of Exposures to Chemical Mixtures, Pages 7-15
3 - Absorption of Chemical Mixtures, Pages 17-22
4 - Chemical Toxicology, Pages 23-49
5 - Scope and resources of poisonous Exposures, Pages 53-57
6 - In Utero Exposure, Pages 59-62
7 - Air Pollution, Pages 63-77
8 - Water Pollution, Pages 79-119
9 - Soil Pollution, Pages 121-127
10 - Food, Pages 129-156
11 - chemical compounds in and round the Home, Pages 157-174
12 - ill construction Syndrome, Pages 175-195
13 - business Exposure, Pages 197-211
14 - Pesticides, Pages 213-228
15 - Alcohol and Tobacco: leisure Toxins, Pages 229-244
16 - Electromagnetic Radiation and poisonous Exposure, Pages 245-258
17 - respiration System, Pages 261-293
18 - fearful System, Pages 295-326
19 - Developmental Neurotoxicology, Pages 327-333
20 - Autism: impact of Maternal publicity to Neurotoxic Chemicals, Pages 335-349
21 - recognition Deficit Hyperactivity disease (ADHD), Pages 351-359
22 - Endocrine System, Pages 361-380
23 - poisonous Infertility, Pages 381-400
24 - Teratogens, Pages 401-415
25 - Immune System, Pages 417-427
26 - Chemical Sensitivity: a number of Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), continual Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM), and Gulf conflict Syndrome (GWS), Pages 429-457
27 - Skin, Pages 459-472
28 - Musculoskeletal System, Pages 473-480
29 - Cardiovascular System, Pages 481-493
30 - Liver, Pages 495-506
31 - Kidneys, Pages 507-513
32 - Cancer, Pages 515-551
33 - youth Cancer, Pages 553-557
34 - melanoma Clusters, Pages 559-570
35 - Regulatory Requirements, Pages 573-581
36 - Conclusions and Recommendations, Pages 583-588
Abbreviations, Pages 589-592
Index, Pages 593-600

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Download e-book for iPad: a worldwide yearly survey of new data and trends in adverse by Jeffrey K Aronson

By Jeffrey K Aronson

ISBN-10: 0444626352

ISBN-13: 9780444626356

ISBN-10: 0444626360

ISBN-13: 9780444626363

The Side results of gear Annual was once first released in 1977. it's been always released considering then as a each year replace to the voluminous encyclopedia, Meyler's unwanted effects of Drugs. every one new Annual maintains to supply clinicians and scientific investigators with a competent and important each year survey of recent facts and developments within the quarter of inauspicious drug reactions and interactions. a world workforce of experts has contributed to the informative Annual via significantly examining it and through pointing to no matter what is deceptive.

  • Provides a serious each year survey of latest facts and trends
  • Special reports during this Annual contain, between different subject matters, epidemiology of using ecstasy, paracetamol and the chance of bronchial asthma, mixture vaccines/multiple immunizations, interactions of natural medicinal drugs with warfarin, and tyrosine kinase inhibitors
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    Get Sittig's Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and PDF

    By Richard P. Pohanish

    ISBN-10: 1437778690

    ISBN-13: 9781437778694

    For greater than 1 / 4 century, Sittig's instruction manual of poisonous and unsafe chemical compounds and cancer agents has confirmed to be one of the most efficient, easy-to-use and crucial reference works on damaging fabrics. Sittig's fifth version continues to be the lone accomplished paintings offering an enormous array of serious details at the 2,100 so much seriously used, transported, and controlled chemical compounds of either occupational and environmental concern.

    Information is the main important source an individual may have whilst facing strength unsafe substance injuries or acts of terror. Sittig's presents wide information for every of the 2,100 chemical compounds in a uniform structure, permitting quickly and actual judgements in any scenario. The chemical substances are provided alphabetically and labeled as a carcinogen, damaging substance, harmful waste, or poisonous pollutant. This re-creation comprises widely extended details in all 28 fields for every chemical (see desk of contents) and has been up-to-date to maintain speed with global occasions. chemical substances labeled as WMD were integrated within the new version as has additional information often queried via first responders and frontline commercial defense personnel.

    • Sittig's Handbook is a globally well-known reference resource, supplying complete listings of the 2,000 most typical dangerous chemical compounds - making it the fundamental guide for first-line reaction to chemical spills and daily chemical plant reference.
    • Entries have an entire diversity of synonyms for every chemical, together with exchange names, to prevent confusion and allow speedy and actual place of the ideal information.
    • Authoritative and regularly up to date, Sittig offers an absolutely actual resource of data that engineers and emergency reaction providers glance to as a hugely accountable reference either for emergencies and day by day engineering decisions.

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    Ultra low doses: Biological and clinical applications - download pdf or read online

    By C. Doutremepuich

    ISBN-10: 0203481437

    ISBN-13: 9780203481431

    ISBN-10: 0748400214

    ISBN-13: 9780748400218

    In accordance with a world convention in France in 1990, this booklet attracts jointly specialists in extremely low dosage pharmacology, with themes masking experimental pharmacology, biophysics, biochemistry and toxicology, mobilephone biology and scientific pharmacology.

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    New PDF release: MicroRNAs in toxicology and medicine

    By Saura C. Sahu

    ISBN-10: 1118401611

    ISBN-13: 9781118401613

    ISBN-10: 1118695992

    ISBN-13: 9781118695999

    ISBN-10: 1118696018

    ISBN-13: 9781118696019

    During the previous decade it has turn into obvious that microRNAs control gene expressions and keep watch over many developmental and mobile approaches in eukaryotic organisms. contemporary reviews recommend that microRNAs play an enormous position in toxicogenomics and are inclined to play a major position in quite a number human illnesses together with cancer. 

    microRNAs in Toxicology and Medicine is a complete and authoritative compilation of up to date advancements during this rising examine quarter, offered by way of across the world famous investigators. It makes a speciality of the position of microRNA in biology and medication with a distinct emphasis on toxicology. 

    Divided into six components, themes lined include:

    • microRNA and toxicology – together with environmental toxicants and perturbation of miRNA signaling; microRNA, and disorder States that includes microRNAs in drug-induced liver toxicity, microRNAs and irritation the regulatory function of microRNA in mutagenesis, microRNAs and melanoma, and the position of microRNAs in tumor development and treatment, in addition to present figuring out of microRNAs as healing objectives in cancer
    • microRNAs and sickness states
    • microRNAs and stem cells
    • microRNAs and genomics
    • microRNAs and epigenomics
    • microRNAs and biomarkers – together with physique fluid microRNAs as toxicological biomarkers, cell-free microRNAs as biomarkers in human ailments, and circulating microRNAs as biomarkers of drug-induced pancreatitis

    microRNAs in Toxicology and Medicine is a vital perception into the present traits and destiny instructions of study during this quickly increasing box for investigators, toxicologists, possibility assessors, and regulators in academia, clinical settings, undefined, and government.

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    Get Toxicogenomics: Principles and Applications PDF

    By Hisham K. Hamadeh, Cynthia A. Afshari

    ISBN-10: 0471434175

    ISBN-13: 9780471434177

    ISBN-10: 0471669040

    ISBN-13: 9780471669043

    Content material:
    Chapter 1 normal Toxicology (pages 1–43): Ronald C. Shank
    Chapter 2 a quick creation to the Expression Profile Toolbox (pages 45–53): Jeffrey F. Waring, Xudong Dai, Yudong He, Pek Yee Lum, Christopher J. Roberts and Roger Ulrich
    Chapter three Microarray Manufacture (pages 55–80): Emile F. Nuwaysir
    Chapter four Scanners (pages 81–95): Charles J. Tucker
    Chapter five Databases for Toxicogenomics (pages 97–113): Pierre R. Bushel
    Chapter 6 information for Toxicogenomics (pages 115–145): Thomas J. Downey
    Chapter 7 Real?Time and Quantitative PCR (pages 147–163): Jeanelle M. Martinez and Nigel J. Walker
    Chapter eight Confounding Variables and knowledge Interpretation (pages 165–193): Kevin T. Morgan, Gary A. Boorman, H. Roger Brown, Zaid Jayyosi and Lynn M. Crosby
    Chapter nine advent to Relationships among Toxicology and Gene Expression (pages 195–214): Hisham okay. Hamadeh and Robert T. Dunn
    Chapter 10 using a Compendium of Expression Profiles for Mechanism of Toxicity Predictions (pages 215–233): Jeffrey F. Waring, Xudong Dai, Yudong He, Pek Yee Lum, Christopher J. Roberts and Roger Ulrich
    Chapter eleven utilizing Genetically Altered Mice in Toxicogenomic research of Chemical publicity (pages 235–261): J. Christopher Corton and Steven P. Anderson
    Chapter 12 creation to High?Throughput Protein Expression (pages 263–281): B. Alex Merrick
    Chapter thirteen Analytical Proteomics techniques to research of Protein variations: instruments for learning Proteome?Environment Interactions (pages 283–297): Daniel C. Liebler
    Chapter 14 creation to Metabolomics and Metabolic Profiling (pages 299–340): Robert E. London and David R. Houck
    Chapter 15 Toxicogenomics assets (pages 341–350): Hisham okay. Hamadeh and Rupesh P. Amin

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    Practice of Medicinal Chemistry by Camille Georges Wermuth, David Aldous, Pierre Raboisson, PDF

    By Camille Georges Wermuth, David Aldous, Pierre Raboisson, Didier Rognan

    ISBN-10: 0127444815

    ISBN-13: 9780127444819

    The second one variation of The perform of Medicinal Chemistry, edited by way of Professor Camille G Wermuth, offers a distinct and complete dialogue of the sensible difficulties dealing with cutting-edge medicinal chemists, from the belief of latest molecules via to the creation of latest medications and their legal/economic implications. the hot version of The perform of Medicinal Chemistry has been up-to-date, increased and refocused to mirror advancements over the 9 years because the first variation was once released. specialists within the box provide own money owed of either conventional methodologies and the most recent discovery and improvement applied sciences delivering us with an perception into medicinal chemistry, frequently merely won from years of useful event. This booklet is key for natural chemists starting a profession in drug learn and for medicinal chemists.

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