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By Chong-Ren Yang, Osamu Tanaka

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Hardbound. within the plant nation numerous chemical elements take place in a glycoside shape (conjugation with sugar). Glycosides are very important, secondary metabolites. The structural variety is end result of the the tremendous quantity of sorts and stereochemical configurations of the sugar part. Aglycones belong to terpenoid, steroid, flavonoid, quinonoid, lignan, different basic phenolics, and isothiocyanate. despite the fact that, organic actions of glycosides are, in lots of instances, liable to the character of sugar moieties, even if their aglycone is the same.Since the 80s, plant glycosides were attracting an expanding quantity of curiosity from botanists and phytochemists world-wide for the subsequent purposes: - they're tricky to isolate and purify- they've got a crucial organic functionality in vegetation and noteworthy organic actions- they're a extremely important source of usual medication, wellbeing and fitness foodstuff, cosmetics and f

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After a preliminary examination to identify optimal extraction conditions, the fresh roots of sugar beet cultivated in Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, were extracted with aqueous methanol and the extract was separated by reverse-phase silica-gel column chromatography (Chromatorex ODS). The methanol eluate from this chromatography was subjected to normal-phase silica-gel column chromatography to give a saponin fraction (fraction 6) with hypoglycemic activity. 0001%). On the other hand, betavulgarosides V (5), IX (9), and X (10) were isolation from the leaves of sugar beet by similar separation procedure.

36, 153m161 (1988). 17. , Yakugaku Zasshi, 108, 562--572(1988). 18. , Chem. Pharm. , 44, 1736-1743(1996). 19. , Chem Pharm. , 45, 1186--- 1192(1997). 20. , Chem. , 45(9)(1997), in press (No. 168). 21. McManus O. , Harris G. , Reuben J. , Burka J. , Garcia M. , Biochemistry, 32 6128---6133(1993). 22. , Chem. Pharm. , 45 570---572(1997). 23. , Chem. Pharm. , 'Recent Advances in Electroorganic Synthesis", ed. , Kodensha-Elsevier, 1987, p. , Chem. Pharm. , Yoshikawa M. , 44, 633--635(1996). CANCER CHEMOPREVENTIVE ACTIVITIES OF PANAX N O T O G I N S E N G A N D G I N S E N O S I D E R G I ~) Takao Konoshima Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Misasagi, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto 607, Japan Introduction Currently, although many kinds of anti-tumor agents are developed and the medicinal sciences make rapid progress in the treatment of cancer, cancer is the most tragic disease and one of the major cause of death in the world.

Beta vulgaris (betavulgarosides) Aralia elata (elatosides) ,,, Kochia scoparia (scoparianosides, kochianosides) Sapindus mukurossi (sapindosides) OOH Momordica cochinchinensis (momordins) COOH ~ " Oo ', o/o/o ~ '. . . o. ~"" . oleanolic acid 3-O-8]ucuronide(30) ,,,HO-,----rH OH , '.. . . momordin Ic (32) [ Acylated Olean-12-ene 3-O-Monodesmoside I Aesculus hippocastanum, A. 0--0 H ~',,O~C-OH ~ = ~20H ~ 3 Polygala senega var. Iatifolia (senegasaponins,Z - s e n e g ~ ,,,,, HO1. ~. ~~I J L~I .

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