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By Cat Schield

ISBN-10: 0373731299

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Sebastian Case is dependent upon his irreplaceable assistant for every thing. yet when you consider that arriving in Vegas for a convention, mousy Missy Ward has remodeled herself. From usual to ravishing. From modest and reserved to daring and sensual. And Sebastian, who'd slightly spotted she used to be a lady, reveals himself dazzled by means of her allure.Now she's quitting and Sebastian will do whatever to maintain her. together with accepting her outrageous guess. One spin of the roulette wheel—black and she'll stay…red and Sebastian owes her one evening of ardour. What can he lose, other than perhaps his middle?

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But he’d been preoccupied with the summit and the last-minute details for his motivational opening speech. What a poor leader he was if he couldn’t even remember the birthday of the second most important woman in his life. ” She threw her arms wide and gestured down her body. ” “I have excellent taste,” he said, his smile rueful. ” It probably wasn’t the best comparison in the world because men occupied most of the chairs. The few women he noted were older and downright frumpy. Her eyes narrowed.

The bar. Which bar? He gnashed his teeth during an even longer pause. Zador. He pulled up a mental image of the casino’s layout and turned to his left. A five-minute hike brought him to the bar. Red walls, black-lacquer accents and Asian-inspired art gave Sebastian the feeling he’d been transported halfway around the world. Enormous fish tanks lined the wall and provided most of the room’s light. Twelve-inch koi drifted through the clear water as Sebastian strode into the room, scanning the occupied tables for his assistant.

Should he be worried that she’d gotten into trouble? Noisy, crowded, chaotic Las Vegas lured tourists with over-the-top promises of adventure and spit them out with blurry memories and empty pockets. Had Missy fallen prey? Her small-town upbringing in west Texas couldn’t have prepared her for such dangers. Was she somewhere in the maze of slot machines, pouring her paycheck into one? Or perhaps she’d left the hotel and been accosted on the street. A cheer went up from the craps tables on his right.

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