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By B. Chandrasekaran; K. Annadurai; E.Somasundaram

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AN INTRODUCTION TO AGRICULTURE AND AGRONOMY 9 fodder for livestock. 5 per cent of the global calorie production. Demand for food is growing with ever increasing world population. D. While demand for wheat and rice may be increased in the next two decades by 31 and 53 per cent, respectively, the demand for coarse grains may double. 8 per cent per annum. 3 per cent per annum due to high population growth rate. The FAO estimates clearly indicate the increasing shortage of cereals in 90 developing countries.

Neo Malthusians have proposed birth control as answer to the problem. 15. T. ” 16. A. Mitsherlich (1909) proposed a theory of “Law of diminishing returns” states that, ‘The increase in any crop produce by a unit increment of a deficient factor is proportional to the decrement of that factor from the maximum and the response is curvilinear instead of linear’. Mitscherlich equation is dy/dx = C (A-Y) where, d – increment or change dy – amount of increase in yield dx – amount of increment of the growth factor x.

6 AN INTRODUCTION TO AGRONOMY The word agronomy has been derived from the two Greek words, agros and nomos having the meaning of field and to manage, respectively. Literally, agronomy means the “art of managing field”. Technically, it means the “science and economics of crop production by management of farm land”. Definition : Agronomy is the art and underlying science in production and improvement of field crops with the efficient use of soil fertility, water, labourer and other factors related to crop production.

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