Lynne Graham's A Stormy Greek Marriage (Modern Romance) PDF

By Lynne Graham

ISBN-10: 1408919230

ISBN-13: 9781408919231

Billie's marriage ceremony day must have been the happiest of her lifestyles. She used to be marrying the daddy of her baby...her "secret "baby. yet rich person Alexei Drakos had suffered amnesia, so he had no recollection of the amazing evening he'd spent with Billie a 12 months ago.... this night he was once looking forward to his new bride to be a virgin...

Billie knew marriage laced with hidden surprises used to be not really to final. If just for their son's sake, she needed to persuade Alexei of the truth...starting this night within the honeymoon bed...

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Hilary, at the very least, was still awake. Was Lauren still with her sister and behaving badly? Or was Nicky reacting poorly to his disrupted routine and preventing her aunt from getting the rest she needed? Billie’s arms felt horribly empty. Her heart ached at once again having to face the prospect of leaving her infant son. Only for a week, though, Alexei had sworn. He was no big fan of honeymoons or indeed any enforced break from business, but he was also too astute not to recognise that to neglect any show of intimacy and togetherness after their wedding would attract the kind of comment that might embarrass his bride.

A stint in rehab might at least cure her of looking forward to our marriage crashing and burning,’ Alexei countered sardonically, brilliant golden eyes cutting as lasers. ‘Clearly she hasn’t read the terms of our pre-nup. But what the hell was she talking about? Buried bodies? ’ Pale as milk, Billie trembled as she registered how close her mother had come to exposing Nicky’s parentage in public. ‘She was drunk and getting carried away with all the attention she was getting—that’s all. But I don’t think she needs to be packed off to rehab just yet—’ ‘Leave me to deal with Lauren,’ Alexei interrupted with ruthless cool.

He roared at her in a sudden wrathful attack that made her shrink back momentarily into the shelter of her seat, shaken by his vehemence. ’ Rigid with tension and with perspiration dampening her brow, Billie faced him. ‘It’s not like that at all. Nicky is your son. ’ Alexei wasn’t really listening. What he had learned was sufficient for him to make a judgement. A red mist of rage was burning through his brain while he struggled to put together what she had told him. His bride was a mother…she had a child?

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