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Open peasant hold, free hand on hip, fingers pointing forward. Take 8 walking steps forward, starting with outside foot, heel scuffing floor a s leg swings forward. With same hold, 8 step hops forward. Ballroom hold, girl with back to 1 o d;with 1 schottische stepman moves forward in 1 o d swinging girl towards centre. Repeat Bar 1 swinging girl outwards. Without changing hold take 4 step hops forward in 1 o d turning clockwise (2 complete turns). Repeat Bars 1-4. Repeat B Bars 1-2, partners holding R hands, L hands on hips; man in SWEDEN Bars 3-4 Bars 5-8 A Bars 1-4 Bars 5-8 B Bars 1-2 Bars 3-4 Bars 5i8 C Bars 1-2 Bars 3-4 Bars 5-6 Bars 7-8 A Bars 1-2 Bars 3-4 Bars 5-8 B Bars 1-2 B a r s 3-4 Bars 5-8 SWEDISH SCHOTTISCHE 35 1 o d, girl dancing 1 schottische step diagonally towards centre and one away from centre.

Repeat Bars 1-2 finishing facing centre of circle; shout " H e j " on l a s t beat. Repeat Bars 3-4. Holding inside hands, man kneels on R knee facing 1 o d; girl dances around him anticlockwise with 2 schottische s t e p s . Man r i s e s ; couple take 4 step hops forward with open peasant hold. Repeat Bars 1-4. From open peasant hold, with outside hands on hips, man swings girl inwards to centre of circle with 1 schottische step; changing hold from R to L he swings her away from the centre with 2nd schottische step; taking peasant hold — 4 step hops clockwise.

Man step hops on spot commencing L foot while girl turns twice under man's R hand with step hops commencing R foot, finishing facing partner. Man turns with back to 1 o d; girl faces 1 o d standing beside partner; they link hands behind their backs and make one complete turn anticlockwise step hopping, man begins L , girl R. Partners drop hands and, keeping same relative positions, clap own knees, turn to face one another, clap own hands once and partners hands three times. (girl contra). Repeat to R.

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