A Field Guide to Bacteria (Comstock books) by Betsey Dexter Dyer PDF

By Betsey Dexter Dyer

ISBN-10: 0801439027

ISBN-13: 9780801439025

Even if most folks are acutely aware that micro organism are throughout us, few could wager that they produce such specific and available symptoms. even if you’re jogging at the seashore, vacationing a zoo or aquarium, shopping, trying to find fossils, ingesting beer, traipsing via a swamp, or cleansing scum from underneath a dripping outside tap, you’re surrounded via bacterial box marks. You don’t desire a laboratory or fancy apparatus to determine what sort of micro organism are there—this advisor will let you know how.—from the advent micro organism are an indispensable element of each habitat within which they take place and impact the lives of people, different animals, and crops in lots of methods. Too usually, we equate "bacterium" with "pathogen" and contemplate micro organism as issues to prevent. In a desirable advisor excellent for naturalists, scholars, lecturers, and travelers alike, Betsey Dexter Dyer shall we the reader understand that it's attainable to monitor micro organism with all of the senses. Many teams of micro organism could be simply pointed out within the box (or within the fridge) with no microscope. Written for curious souls of every age, A box advisor to micro organism opens our eyes—and noses and ears—to this hidden (or missed) global round us. helpful illustrations, together with a hundred and twenty colour pictures, accompany Dyer’s energetic textual content all through.

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