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She looked haggard. She said, as piimly as if she'd memorized it, "I feel so much better. The medicine is doing me good, I'm sure. " She dragged her eyelids up. "Mr. Gibson, I want you to go away . . " he said wih a pang. "Because I am nobody of yours. You shouldn't worry about me. " Mr. Gibson did not misunderstand. "Surely, I am a friend now," he chided gently. "You are," she admitted with a dry gasp, "and the only one. . But you have helped me. It is enough. Congratulate yourself. " He got up and walked about.

But it's no real bargain at all, Mr. Gibson. I am no use to anybody . " "No, you are not, not at the moment," he agreed cheerfully. "I wouldn't expect you to do the wash next Monday, you know. But I am thinking, and please think seriously too. . Although there is one point I'd like to make quickly. " she said hoarsely. "You are only thirty-two. " She took her hands down. " she said with sudden, asperity. "You could say it if it is •so," he told her grinning. The air in the room lightened. Everything seemed gayer.

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