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By Brian W.J. Mahy

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Thoroughly revised and up to date take into consideration the hot taxonomy and grouping adjustments made through the overseas Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses of their eighth document, The Dictionary of Virology provides an authoritative and concise checklist of all viruses affecting vertebrate species, from people to fish.

  • Includes the hot viruses of scientific or veterinary value that experience emerged in view that 2001, reminiscent of the recent human coronaviruses, SARS and NL63 and a brand new subtype of influenza (H1N2)
  • Includes new phrases in virology
  • Extensive cross-referencing and illustrative tables extra improve using this book

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The helper thus determines the subgroup and host-range of the progeny virus. (2) Strains which in vivo transform hematopoietic cells and induce leukemia on injection into birds and can act as helpers for defective sarcoma viruses. (3) Endogenous viruses found in virtually all normal chickens and other gallinaceous birds which are transmitted vertically, in Mendelian fashion, to their progeny as they exist as proviral DNA sequences integrated into somatic and germ line cells. The sites of these integrated viral genes are termed endogenous virus (ev) loci, and on average each chicken carries five such loci.

Virus is present in the excreta and in the eggs which may contain antibodies protective for the chick. Strains vary in virulence. Inoculation of eggs may kill the embryo. Replicates in chick embryo cell cultures. Synonym: epidemic tremor virus. Dawson GJ et al (1982) Nature 298, 580 Siegl G et al (1983) Intervirology 23, 61 avian adenovirus See Aviadenovirus. Calnek BW et al (1991) In Diseases of Poultry, Ninth edition, edited by BW Calnek et al. Ames: Iowa State University Press, p. 520 Marvil P et al (1999) J Gen Virol 80, 653 29 Avian leukosis virus (ALV) avian enteric cytopathogenic virus An old term used for fowl adenovirus when it was thought to be a picornavirus.

Benevides virus (BENV) A species in the genus Bunyavirus, belonging to the Capim serogroup. Isolated from a sentinel mouse and Culex mosquitoes at Belem virus laboratory, Brazil. Antibodies have been found in Nectomys squamipes rodents in Brazil. Not known to cause disease in humans. Benfica virus (BENV) A strain of Bushbush virus in the genus Bunyavirus, belonging to the Capim serogroup. Isolated from a sentinel mouse, Nectomys squamipes rodents and Culex sp in Belém, Brazil. Not known to cause disease in humans.

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