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By Mas'ud ibn Umar Taftazani

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86; Diet, of Tech. Terms, pp. 300 f. 11 See al-Risdla al-Shamsiya, p. 34; Diet, of Tech. Terms, pp. ; Ibn Sina, al-Najdt, pp. 94 f . 12 Sec Wolfson, "Internal Senses," Harv. Theol. ; al-Ghazzali, Uaqajid d-Faldsifa, III, 46 ft. al-Najdt, pp. ; Ibn Sina, Macdonald, "Wahm and its Cognates," Jour. Roy. At. , 1922, pp. ; Terms, p. 304; Wolfson, "Internal Senses," Harv. Theol. ; al-Ghatzali, Maqdfid al-Faldfifa, III, 46 ft. Diet, of Tech. CAUSES OF KNOWLEDGE 18 portance to the details of surmises (al-hadsiydt), experiences (al-tajriblyat), immediate perceptions (al-badihtydt) and speculations (al-nazarlydt) 9 and because all these go back to Reason, they made Reason a third cause which knowledge by merely giving attention to or by drawing to itself a surmise or an experience or the arrangement of premises.

That we first convince ourselves, by sense perception or by demonstration, of the necessity of establish- either if the negation of those things is Then from this premise those things has been established. But if, judgment is one of the real essences it it absolutely. It its being a necessarily follows, again, that something of real essence has been established to negate argue on the other hand, the negation has been proven, then, inasmuch as that negation by virtue of species of we not proven, then the real existence of and that it is not proper evident that this argument applies to the is Obstinate only.

PREFACE BY AL-TAFTAZANI 4 acme of conciseness and instruction and the last word in good order and arrangement. I have tried to explain the brief treatise so as to give the details of its and clarify the intricacies of the subject, to straighten out general principles the involved things and reveal those that are concealed, while at the same time keeping the record concise, clearly calling attention to its purpose. The verification of the problems detailed application of the proofs pretation of the doctrines work comes are manifold in spite of is is a result of the statement of them.

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